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OP, are you unwell? R52, if you're going to attempt discourse with adults, please learn the meaning of "generalization" and try to understand that if often represents more than a judgment based on anecdotal evidence.

Is this really what we've been reduced to? Maybe Dame Edna, too. Young lesbian with granny. R Let me try that again: That hideous green shirt says otherwise. He talks to them, like he talks to men. At least I sound somewhat intelligent.

Anyone who cites Camilla Paglia as some sort of expert on anything but self loathing has lost the argument. Milo yiannopoulos nude. I could he wrong, but he may not be as evil as the ridiculous things he tweets. Those big creased English eyes Superman-ly lasering hatred from the depths of his black heart as his heavy, full nutsack smacks wet smacks against my fat ass.

It's probably more accurate to say I'm bisexual, but I identify as gay because I have no intention of ever dating a girl. Go the fuck away. I thought brits provided remarkable work, burned out, got sober, relapsed, and then gave cunty interviews to The Daily Mail. Patrice hollis nude pics. He courted controversy and earned ire by lobbing racist, sexist, vitriolic garbage at targets large and small. You are now a registered user of NYMag.

Milo is one of the mouthpieces of gamergate and has participated in the online harassment of women who expressed opinions and views that he didn't like.

All that about "MRA type" men may be true, but let's not confuse it with the victimization-worshipping, bullying, game-playing, dissembling, false-emotional, selfish crap that a large majority of women are foisting on our society in the name of "equality.

The anti-Milo bunch is so joyless. He's the House Gay. House Gay is right. And if he has problems, I'd like to suck them all away. But I like his accent though, that's about the only thing sexy about this dude.

Full print runs have been pulped for less. He's the deranged baby Katie Hopkins put up for adoption. He sets the movement back ages, with this being gay is a choice. With the blonde hair he looks like a bloated Macaulay Culkin. You're even more pathetic.

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I want to have an increasingly hostile debate with him and then suck his smug, pretentious face off.

Meh -- this site blows now anyway, so who cares. They added that the address on the driver's license corresponded with the place of residence that is listed on Jones's public records.

Milo is the gay man for the next decade!! That tired joke stopped being funny after grade school for the rest of us. Lesbian office sex tube. He certainly knows how to play the media. Also, consider ball cancer. I'm not surprised the more damaged residents of DL Village are fangurling all over this ridiculous troll, but god almighty, do you sound like deranged idiots when you do so.

Radio TV Galleries Blogs. R He'll pick the weakest link off the BLM pack. Went right over the heads of these vapid newbs. The hypocrisy is too rich. They like to parrot the sorts of things their hero says. Milo yiannopoulos nude. Nude sex spa. What is so wrong with vigorous, intellectual debate? Your terminology betrays your disdain for women, transgender people and the truth. You are an embarrassment to gays if you are gay.

It's cool if he doesn't want to hang out with women, I'm sure they don't care.

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Ignore the whiny gremlins, Milo: Yiannopoulos moved to Snapchat after he was banned from Twitter after he targeted Jones and his followers threw racist remarks at her. With the blonde hair he looks like a bloated Macaulay Culkin. I would think most women would appreciate being treated as an intellectual equal to men. You are also clearly well below average intelligence. I am a woman and I adore Milo.

I will never understand how gay people and women can defend Islam. Are we sure he is gay? I just want Leslie Jones to keep her head all the way up and to keep winning. 50 plus nude pics. Any Mensa chapter proves what a lying sack of shit he is, they're filled with women.

R44 "After all, we don't want to fuck them.

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What did gamergaters ask for? A classically bohemian, foppish, English dandy. You may twiddle with your disgusting shrivel my foreskins while lashing yourself for agreeing with my correct views. Sexy nude sakura. In addition to marked stupidity and an inconsistent distaste for gender non-conformity, our trolls cultural references apparently fossilized some time during the Reagan administration.

House Gay is right. He does look slightly Asian. The problem with this guy and all gay men is that they are outsiders trying to understand things from the outside in, and that's impossible. R, I do frequent some fora the same people were on, and I saw GG unfold.

Hate to interrupt R but aren't you late for your Klan meeting? He seems like a sweetheart. Sexy hot xnxxx My politics are mostly totally opposite but I think we need more people to blow apart social conventions and he does that. The male Ann Coulter. Milo yiannopoulos nude. R80, I follow many blogs of varying quality.

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Best lesbian xxx Do you count your socks out in threes and only allow yourself to use a bar of soap once, before discarding it?
Meena actress nude photos What did gamergaters ask for?
Sexy big juicy tits I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. I thought I could manage the hatred for all these right-wing scumbags because I survived the Bush years. Ignore that karma thing lol.

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