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The images are all broken. Slutty biker girls. Google now lists 'Aaron Shock gay' as having over 16 million results.

Aaron schock naked

Itay Hod claims that his friend's network, which he chooses not to name, ran a video of Aaron Schock talking about his heterosexuality after already being informed that he was lying. They get so comfortable and insulated on a particular website or with their own community of Twitter followers that they think they're safe with everyone since nobody says anything incriminating at first.

He was the youngest member of the Congress of the United States goddammit: The username of the guy posting is "ClosetedInKansas", so it's obviously some senator in Kansas. Aaron schock naked. Anti-gay members of Congress help to buttress, and feed, a culture of homophobia in this country that harms gay youth and all of us in a very real way, including many youth who either consider, try, or succeed in committing suicide.

Have you guys heard of that "secret death wish" and how people put themselves at risk because of it? Did one of you bitches leave this comment at Salon? I am different than some people would like me to be. Maybe Schock is celibate except for a few dalliances now and then. One of my three boys hacked my husband Billy's twitter account.

The subpoena told him to appear before the grand jury and turn over large number of records from the previous five years.

I agree no one should go around "outing" Aaron, that's up to him if true. If he expresses an apology -ies and regret for hateful voting, then that's another step. I don't care what the bod looks like, he'll always have that face and his whiny voice. Presumably you guess no one will notice.

And as to the final post in the previous thread, about Cockgobble Aaron Schock's preferred sexual position, well, that was just obvious. Silicone tits dildo. Apparently, the real life Rep. It looks like the Pubbies are fighting with each other and that's always a good thing.

He might find the whole fanfiction thing amusing, particularly his role in it. The reality is if he is gay, he is still going to feel, on some level, more empathy for the gay rights cause than someone with absolutely no connection to it. It could be because of his parents' beliefs; it could be because of institutional homophobia within the GOP; it could be because he is a private person; it could be because he hasn't fully accepted his sexuality yet; it could be because he has wants to achieve things as a politician and is stuck through party politics with a.

But only a subset get off on narcissistic bourgeois gym twinks. I doubt he's vetting the resumes himself - more like his current Communications Director is seeking his own replacement. On a future in politics: And he uses every ounce of that considerable power to disenfranchise and marginalize GLBT Americans, without mercy. So it happens--Schock finally gets noticed as the closeted gay man that he is and he freaks out.

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How do we know if the CG locked down his account?

It seems as if the Israeli coalition is bringing in the reinforcements. Lesbians having foot sex. So why do some people here expect gays to defend a closet case who votes against gays? Todd Holbrook If its a nude pic, I hate to see him clothed. Aaron schock naked. I told one of my superiors. He works on his look. I'm not American, I have no stake in this. So if someone assaulted Schock for allegedly showering with another man in his hotel, he believes that assault shouldn't be counted as a "hate crime" in the way being assaulted for skin color should.

It's clear that he's simply a career politician -- not driven by conviction and what he can do for others, but only for what the role can offer him personally: In addition, the job requires one to be innovative and proactive in growing district and national media opportunities for the Congressman.

In over years of this country's history, how many have been parading around half naked Cockgobbler Aaron Schock is not some powerless child.

Petr Hollesch May 2, Your philandering for cock makes my job impossible on the damage control front But what is all this effort for if he doesn't have a girlfriend?

What type of reasonably aware gay person over the age of 21 wouldn't be well-aware of the fact that DADT was law up until a couple of years ago?

However, he could have slammed Schock on his anti-gay voting record--even if Schock were straight his voting record is despicable. It was so blissful with you gone. Let's hope that this story continues to build. Asian lesbians sex pics. So instead of a girlfriend, Aaron Schock follows Tom Daley on Twitter with the precious spare time that busy little Aaron has available. Journalists are supposed to keep our government officials in check and report on their misdeeds and hypocrisy.

Salon has decided to attack the messengers and take the cockgobbler's side in this contretemps. Can't believe he is doing porn now?? The media feeding on itself.

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Their concern is that he follows the party line and doesn't majorly embarrass them with any major indiscretion. How badly are you guys begging to be outted? It's his problem -- not ours -- that he is still in the closet. They'd have to learn a whole, new, campy ghetto speak "hate fuck", etc.

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